TechSLA Lab

Technology-mediated SLA Research Lab

Main investigator:
Grañena Gimeno, Gisela
Arts and Humanities
Area of specialization:
Education and ICT
Affiliation center:
UNESCO codes:
570111, 580105, 580107, 610401
Collaborates with:
e-Learn Center
4 - Quality education
  • Language learning
  • Technology enhanced learning
  • ELearning

The goal of the TechSLA Lab group is to optimize language teaching through the use of technology, identifying the factors that make it easier to learn a second language in these learning contexts. We focus on four areas of methodological principles that have fundamental importance in language teaching. These principles are grounded on theory and research in the field of language learning:

  1. Activities (use of communication tasks).
  2. Input (provision of a rich, elaborate input).
  3. Learning processes (provision of feedback and focus on form).
  4. Students (individualization of teaching).

Since these principles can be applied in different ways, our interest lies in identifying the applications that increase effectiveness of the learning process through the use of technology. This is important both for students who wish to obtain a return on their effort and for education professionals who are looking for a model on which to ground their methodological decisions.

Individual cognitive differences for learning second languages

Effects of individual ability for explicit and implicit language learning in e-learning environments. Student profiles and optimal teaching actions for each profile.

4 - Quality education

Corrective feedback

Effectiveness of the online corrective feedback and features: types of feedback (explicit/implicit), type (visual/oral) and timing.

4 - Quality education

Learning by tasks

Features of the most effective learning tasks and their sequencing in the classroom.

4 - Quality education