Management & eLearning

Main investigator:
Serradell López, Enric
Social sciences
Area of specialization:
Education and ICT, Collaborative economy
Affiliation center:
  • ELearning
  • Higher education
  • Competences
  • Quality in education

The scientific activity of the MeL - Management & eLearning research group has been focused on the following points:

  1. Analysis of the effectiveness of teaching tools for the development of professional business administration and management skills in a virtual learning environment (VLE).
  2. Study to determine the most efficient personalized virtual feedback strategy.
  3. Analysis of students' degree of satisfaction with e-learning, both at universities and in on-the-job training.
  4. Analysis of the determinants of online training at companies.
  5. Analysis of students' skill profiles and their degree of employability.
  6. Study of the organizational commitment and job satisfaction of part-time university faculty members.

E-learning of management

Investigating teaching innovations in disciplines related to business management and economics and contrasting their effectiveness in learning processes. In this regard, the group is open to collaboration with experts interested in online teaching methods, in general, and in their application to management learning, in particular.

The management of e-learning

Constructing new knowledge related to the management of entities that offer or use e-learning. These entities may be both virtual universities and businesses and non-profit organizations. The two focus areas are as follows:

a) Managerial and organizational aspects of institutions dedicated to virtual teaching, especially universities.

b) E-learning in businesses and organizations: determining factors of use and conditions for success

In the development of this line, the group offers collaboration to institutions, businesses and NGOs that wish to improve their management practices of online training activities. Experts wishing to carry out research in these areas are also welcome.