Noves perspectives en turisme i oci

Main investigator:
Garay Tamajón, Lluís Alfons
Social sciences
Area of specialization:
Network society, City and Community, Knowledge governance, Collaborative economy
Affiliation center:
UNESCO codes:
531290, 540102, 630707, 530401
8 - Decent work and economic growth
11 - Sustainable cities and communities
12 - Responsible production and consumption
13 - Climate action
4 - Quality education
  • Tourism
  • Sustanaible tourism
  • ICT Information and Communication Technologies
  • Responsible production and consumption
  • Society and territory
  • Social perspective and inclusion

The NOUTUR - New perspectives in tourism and leisure group brings a dynamic, experimental and contemporary approach to the analysis of tourism and leisure as phenomena with real impacts and trajectories, combining social science theory with empirical research, aimed particularly at offering useful answers.

Its starting point is a multidisciplinary approach to tourism and leisure as change agents. Research methods are applied to empirically challenge contemporary myths about tourism and leisure in key specific areas and on different scales.

The group takes into account the need for an open, cross-cutting, inclusive vision of the transformations that are taking place in destinations, organizations and the forms of tourism consumption, considering two main driving forces: the ICTs and sustainability. In its work, it expands the theoretical and methodological frameworks of reference that have been used until now in this field, bringing to bear emergent epistemological perspectives.

Analysis of tourism and leisure as transformative activities in tourist destinations

We analyse the impact of the ICTs and sustainability in tourist destination planning and management, and also the transformations associated with a new collaborative management of these destinations. By this means, our intention is to analyse to what extent collaborative (and platform) dynamics are innovative in tourism or to what degree they come into conflict or blend with traditional development models. Lastly, we analyse the different ways of interpreting the new models of "engagement" with the destination and the creation of social capital.

4 - Quality education 5 - Gender equality 8 - Decent work and economic growth 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Observation of the emergence of new tourist organization models

We study how the ICTs and sustainability are changing the motivations, practices, structures and impacts of tourism companies, and also whether the companies take part (or not) in a dialogue with the different interest groups and what channels they use. Our intention is to observe the impact that this has on their governance. Lastly, we analyse the new forms of entrepreneurship and innovation, observing to what extent we can find new profiles based on the new production and consumption models.

12 - Responsible production and consumption 17 - Partnerships for the goals

Study of the changes in tourism consumption and the marketing related with it

We investigate the impact of the ICTs and sustainability on tourism consumption, and also the phenomena related with collaboration. We observe to what extent the collaborative economy can empower citizens or give them access to conventional market economy channels. We analyse the values underlying participation in collaborative consumption initiatives and the attitudes that can be ascribed to these behaviours.

12 - Responsible production and consumption