eHealth Lab

eHealth-TransLab Research Group

Main investigator:
Carrion Ribas, Carme
Health sciences
Area of specialization:
Digital health
Affiliation center:
UNESCO codes:
3212, 3210, 3210, 631009, 630707
Collaborates with:
e-Health Center
3 - Health and well-being
4 - Quality education
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
17 - Partnerships for the goals
  • Health promotion
  • ICT Information and Communication Technologies
  • Quality of life
  • Public health
  • Community health

eHealth Lab is an interdisciplinary research group that focuses its activity on the design, implementation and evaluation of different digital solutions that seek to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and security of different interventions, targeting health professionals, patients and healthy citizens. One of the group's key objectives is to promote health and prevent illness through the use of digital solutions.

Development, promotion and assessment of the use of technology in the promotion, prevention and comprehensive care of chronic diseases

We undertake research projects whose goal is to design, promote and assess eHealth interventions based on the best scientific indicator available to improve the health and quality of life of people suffering from chronic diseases.

3 - Health and well-being 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Development and assessment of ICT-based strategies and interventions aimed at improving quality of life and well-being in the community and the workplace

We develop models and tools aimed at promoting and improving people's health and quality of life in their communities and workplaces from a psychosocial viewpoint.

3 - Health and well-being

Design of theoretical models and health intervention assessment tools

Based on existing evidence and that which we generate ourselves through our research, we design tools and models to assess the effectiveness, efficacy and security of eHealth interventions. It is a subject where there is still work to do; new tools need to be created, pilot tested and optimized so that the eHealth interventions implemented are always those that contribute value to people and the health system.

9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Development of new intervention methodologies in predominant health problems

We leverage the possibilities offered by technology to apply them to the integral care of the currently most predominant health problems, with the goal of empowering patients, citizens and the health professionals themselves.

9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure