Complex Systems @ IN3

Main investigator:
Borge Holthoefer, Javier
Information and communication technologies
Area of specialization:
Internet technologies and artificial intelligence, Network society, City and Community
Affiliation center:
Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
UNESCO codes:
120710, 120903, 1209, 1209, 120911, 120326
Collaborates with:
e-Health Center
11 - Sustainable cities and communities
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
10 - Reduced inequalities
3 - Health and well-being
  • Complex networks
  • Computational analysis methods
  • Data science
  • Social networks
  • artificial intelligence

The Complex Systems group at IN3 (CoSIN3) develops research towards the discovery of underlying mechanisms in complex networked systems. Such research comes both with a fundamental and an applied emphasis, pivoting mostly (but not exclusively) on two pillars: 

  1. Computational Social Science (CSS), is a new discipline that can offer powerful models and methods (mainly from Complex Systems), large datasets, algorithms and computational power (Computer and Data Science), and a conceptual framework for the results to be interpreted (Social Science). 
  2. Urban science: study of emerging behaviors from interlaced layers of personal interaction, infrastructure networks (communication, transport, energy), land uses, air quality, etc. that we find in urban systems.

This UOC research group is part of the SGR research group "Artificial Intelligence for Human Well-being - Complex Systems at IN3”, under reference "22021 SGR 01367".


Urban science

Urban science looks at the urban system as a whole – intertwined layers of personal interaction, infrastructure networks (communication, transport, energy), land use, air quality, etc. To this end, it uses the tools of complex systems and big data to address interdisciplinary challenges, whether in a theoretical (urban dynamics, traffic) or applied approach (management of public space, environment, etc.).

11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Basic science

One of the important roles in the field of complex systems is the development of new methods and models, without them initially belonging to one or the other field of application. In this line of research, the group spends time on basic science (in contrast to the other two lines, which are more applied).