Behavioural Design Lab

Main investigator:
Armayones Ruiz, Manuel
Health sciences
Area of specialization:
Digital health
Affiliation center:
eHealth Center
UNESCO codes:
631009, 630707, 611418, 610607
3 - Health and well-being
  • Quality of life
  • ICT Information and Communication Technologies
  • Social media
  • Health psychology

The primary objective of the PSiNET (Psychology, Health and the Net) research group is to study the psychological aspects related with the use of the ICTs for health and quality of life, and also the different approaches to the use of Internet to improve knowledge and support care processes in health and illness.

We work with different populations (for example, rare diseases, chronic pain, children, adolescents, elderly), from the professional and citizen viewpoints (for example, ePatient, patients' associations, ICT interventions), in different contexts (for example, sport, education) and addressing organizational and personal aspects (for example, how use of the ICTs affects cognitive processes).

With a clear vocation to serve the community, PSiNET offers a psychological approach to professionals, researchers and society in general with respect to the use of ICTs in the health domain.

The PSiNET Group has the Behavior Design Lab that aims to describe and understand the principles, models and techniques that favor behavior change through ICTs, both in the field of individual and public health.

Online healthcare user profile

The goal is to learn about the online health user, obtaining information about profile, lifestyle, objectives in searching for health-related information, the level of confidence in and satisfaction with the information found, use of this information, etc.

3 - Health and well-being

Health Promotion via the Internet

Use of the internet as an environment for the analysis, design and implementation of interventions for the promotion of people's health and quality of life.

3 - Health and well-being