Crisi, alteritat i representació

Main investigator:
Brasó Broggi, Carles
Arts and Humanities
Area of specialization:
Languages and cultures
Affiliation center:
UNESCO codes:
550402, 720701, 720701, 550602, 550404
10 - Reduced inequalities
4 - Quality education
11 - Sustainable cities and communities

The research performed by the members of ALTER focuses on the study of a broad range of intercultural, comparative and transnational processes and phenomena specifically related with East Asia, from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. The group's research works with key concepts such as otherness, crisis, modernity, discourse, colonialism and postcolonialism, transnationalism and globalization.

This research is based on two fundamental principles: a) ethical: the group seeks to defend, exercise and reflect on the basis of a plural, transnational, locally diverse and specific comparatism that overcomes geographical area-specific barriers, preconceptions and hierarchies; b) methodological: the group uses new approaches and reflections derived from comparative literature, history and philosophy.
ALTER was created in 2009 in the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's (UOC) Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Representations of East Asia in the contemporary world

The objective of this line of research is to analyse the changes in the circulation of representations of East Asia in the West within many domains and disciplines from a theoretical perspective and/or from specific case studies: analysis of representations in media, literature, cinema, advertising and so on).

10 - Reduced inequalities

Global Studies, history and literature

This line of research aims to critically reflect on the meaning and the potential of the impact of globalisation in the discourses produced within academia in the Humanities, such as literature and history.

4 - Quality education

Intellectual history of East Asia

This line seeks to research the development of the intellectual history of East Asia while considering the analysis of philosophical and religious traditions rooted in Asia and the contacts and mutual influences with Europe during the phases of transformation of the modern and contemporary age.

Sinophone Studies and Taiwan Studies

This line researches the cultural phenomena produced in Sinophone contexts around the world, with particular focus on the case of Taiwan.